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The Feud on Dead Lane 

         A Bartell Crime Thriller

(Book 1)

“Two tough families—Two mysterious deaths—One night of brutal violence.”

Nino and Elena dream of sharing a normal life together. They are desperate to escape the shadow of Nino’s domineering and dangerous family, the Bartells.


After a shocking revelation is made, and a family member dies in strange circumstances, Elena urges Nino to take drastic action.

But some outsiders are drawn into the mix. Two best friends who have made a grave mistake, a no-nonsense financial adviser searching for his missing son, and a proud new mum. Soon all of them will be caught up in a deadly world where betrayal, violence and even cold-blooded murder are acceptable methods of settling scores.

Will anybody walk away unscathed?

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​​     Out Now! 

Two mysterious deaths... 

One night of brutal violence.”

“Two tough families... 


​​“I enjoyed this, and it is very moreish! Did I stay up later than I should wanting to see what would happen? Of course I did!”

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