The Feud on Dead Lane 

         A Bartell Crime Thriller

(Book 1)

Nino’s the youngest Bartell brother. The family is tough, feared and respected, but he’s always felt like an outsider, and after learning some harrowing news, he questions his entire life.

A night out for Duncan and his best friend Karl ends in disaster and their carefree lives change forever when a little pub banter leads to a perilous confrontation. They flee to the Netherlands as they deliberate how best to deal with the mess they’ve found themselves in.

Ravi, a no-nonsense financial adviser, is searching for his missing son and his dogged investigation leads him to various unsavoury places. He slowly uncovers some disturbing news about his son’s illicit activities and the shady company he’d been keeping in the lead up to his disappearance.

A death in the family changes everything for Nino. The Bartell’s reputation is dwindling and a shift in the family’s hierarchy is inevitable. As trouble looms from every direction, Nino decides now might be the time to make some serious changes. 


An irreversible chain of events reignites a bitter family feud that has festered for years, shattering an uneasy alliance between the Bartells and their old rivals, the Chillcotts.

Nino reflects on his unorthodox upbringing and the way his domineering brothers treated him when he was a child. He contemplates how different his life could have been if circumstances had been different. His headstrong girlfriend, Elena, is also keen to escape from the shadow of his family and places mounting pressure on him to take action.

As violence and chaos looms, Duncan, Ravi and Karl find themselves dragged into a dangerous world — a world in which none of them belong — where kidnapping, betrayal, and even murder are all a means to an end. As they are forced to fight for friends and family, loyalties are tested and paths collide as past scores are settled. 

                                                  (Coming April 2022)