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Survival Weekend 


(A Novella)

After a messy split with her partner, Rebecca decides to sign up to an adventure weekend in Scotland and ropes her reluctant friend, Phoebe, into joining her.


After travelling to an unknown location in the wilderness, the pair are grouped with other entrants and given the task of hiking to their first checkpoint—a campsite where they will receive further instructions. 


Then one of their team, a brooding man called Luke Vance, drops a bombshell on them. He tells them that a squad of armed people will be pursuing them come daybreak, and their game is an altogether different one. They are twisted deviants who desire only to hunt and kill.


The group refuses to believe Luke, but they are prepared to play along, convinced he is an actor who has been planted by the organisers of the event, and the entire thing is all part of the wild experience. But when one of the group vanishes, the participants panic.


But even if there are killers on their tail, first they need to survive the tough terrain, treacherous weather… and perhaps hardest of all, each other. 

Audiobook narrated by Finlay Robertson


How far would you go to survive?



I was gripped from start to end and held my breath several times. I can honestly see this story on the big screen. 



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eBook & Audiobook


A Deception on Cold Hill

A Bartell Crime Thriller


Now the hunt has begun, the guilty better run​.


When Jack Bartell and Marcus Chillcott have a huge shipment of ecstasy tablets hijacked, it's a frantic race against time to uncover who the culprit is and set things right. Dark crime thriller set in the 90s.

Available to all newsletter subscribers in September. 

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