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The Visit 

One mistake can ruin everything - one mistake can come back and smash your life to pieces…


Vanessa and Curtis have just moved from London to a fantastic property in the seaside town of Whitstable, and life couldn’t be better. But when Vanessa’s ex-boyfriend, Hayden, shows up out of the blue, cracks start to appear in her world. 

Hayden is brash, unpredictable and has a warped sense of humour. He also seems intent on making life very difficult for his first love.

Curtis starts to suspect that Hayden might have a bizarre hold on his wife, and when Vanessa comes up with a plan to remove Hayden from their lives, he becomes convinced she’s lying to him.

But has Vanessa underestimated just how unpredictable and dangerous Hayden is? How far will he go to get what he wants?


And how far will she go to stop her ex from destroying their idyllic life?


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